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My trip to NYC

By the way, I didn't read the digests last month...coz I was away from
home..I went to NYC! It was my first trip to the USA and I must say that
eating was a real problem for me while I was there.

I understand now why some of you in the US have trouble eating
"healthily"... the food in NYC seemed to be loaded with fat... it was cheap
but fat-laded food or expensive healthy stuff... I didn't have free access
to a kitchen, so I couldn't prepare meals.. and ended up living on bagels
(plain, no butter / cream cheese) and pretzels. Even the Chinese food (I'm
Chinese) there is cooked in too much oil!! To think I used to nag at my
granny for using oil as if it were free! Haha...
Well, at least you guys in the USA are lucky to have skim milk in your
coffee, fat free mayo and stuff like that wherever yougo... in Singapore,
they either serve regular milk or creamer and no one's ever heard of fat
free mayo or 1000 Island here.

Found a really nice restaurant in NYC though... The Zen Palate... they
serve vegetarian food... just make sure you stick to the lower fat dishes. 

Happy Holidays!!

from Singapore ---it's 89 deg!! Hot & humid!! After a whole month of 4
layers of winter clothing in NYC, I'm so thankful to go back to t-shirts,
shorts and slippers... no more red noses!!!

Karen Lim