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Muffin Recipe Needed

I love those box mix muffins... and my favourite is blueberry... but those
mixes are expenisve here in Singapore so I was wondering if you guys would
have a tried and tested recipe for blueberry muffins that you could share
with me...

The brand of muffin mix I like is Krusteax, and the mix comes with a can of
blueberries that I have to rinse in cold water before folding into the
batter. Please don't send recipes that require FRESH blueberries, coz
blueberries are hard to find in Singapore... and even if I do manage to get
them (at specialty stores), they're usually VERY expensive. Canned
blueberries aren't cheap here but at least there're more in a can. 

I did do a little surfing on my own, but there're so many recipes there
(and most of them use fresh berries), I really don't know which one is
really good.

Thanks alot in advance.

from Singapore
Karen Lim