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packaged pizza find!

Hi all,

My husband and I found Wolfgang Puck's cheeseless roasted veggie pizzas in
the freezer case at the local Wild Harvest a week or two ago.  They're
labeled as fatfree, and the ingredients looked reasonable (and vegan!), so
we gave 'em a try.

Had 'em for dinner last night.  They're a tad bit small (package says 1
serving == 1/2 pizza, which would be starvation rations for us! 1 full
pizza was a bit short for our tastes), but quite good.  If you follow the
instructions and cook 'em directly on the oven rack, they come out very
crisp, which I like.

I'm hoping that my Dad & sister will be able to come out for Christmas
next week, which means I now have to figure out what to feed my
anti-vegetable father!  This is going to be interesting, as my husband
won't let meat into the house, if he can help it...


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