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iron skillets

now some flakes of the iron appear to be coming off and I'm
thinking maybe this isn't the best type of pan to use for this kind of
"frying." What do the rest of you use? Thanks.

Dear Zoe:
This really puzzles me.  I have used iron skillets for more
than 40 years now.  Some of which are even older as they were
handed down from my grandmother when she no longer was keeping
house.  I have never seen iron flake.  Either it is the quality
of this particular skillet, or what you are seeing is really
burned bits from many previous cookings.  I have seen flaking
on the underside of my skillets that were burned bits turning
loose.  I do not believe it is happening because of your method 
of use.  I use Pam extensively on my skillets.  I know it is
not totally fatfree, but it is a compromise in order to keep
my skillets in good condition.