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Cast Iron Skillets

     I have several of these cast iron skillet & a wok.  I may be different 
     from every body else, but I still treat these the same as always.  I 
     boil water in them to clean then scrub with a brush & hot water.  Put 
     back on the stove (turn burner on) and pour about a teaspoon of oil in 
     pan.  I then wipe it out with a paper towel.  This keeps my skillets 
     in perfect condition and they seam to work as well as non-stick pans.  
     I can't imagine that it adds much fat to my food (no more than 
     non-stick spray).
     Also, my SAD husband is the main cook in our family & absolutely 
     refuses to use aluminum pans.  I don't argue with him about this 
     because he is an absolutely wonderful cook (both FF & SAD) and is 
     amazingly supportive of my eating habits.