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Mashed Potatoes/Lefse


I have one idea for mashed potatoes --- when this thread started it
reminded me of something my mom and grandmother used to make....lefse.  (My
grandmother was Norweigian) sp?  All I could remember was that you added
flour to mashed potatoes and made a dough, then rolled it out with a little
flour and cooked it on a dry pan or griddle...anyhow I looked lefse up on
the internet and found all sorts of things....below is one recipe (not
tested yet but sounds right) that doesn't use cream and butter.  I used to
really love these things !


Mix batach of potatoes flakes using recipe on box or use leftover
 .When cool mix 1/2 cup of flour with 1 cup potatoes.

Form dough into small patties (about half dollar size) Place on small
plates and refrigerate.  When ready for use remove one plate at a  time.

Heat griddle to medium heat on large burner.

Apply flour to rolling pin and butcher block. Roll dough until very thin.
If you have trouble picking the lefse up roll it onto the rolling
pin....then roll back off when you place it on the grill.

Place lefse on grill.  When bottom is lightly browned flip to grill other
side. Remove when both sides are lightly browned.

Stack finished lefses between two cloth towels to cool .  (keeps them from
drying out)

When complete, restack the lefses once or twice to remove some of the
moisture / to keep them from getting soggy.

Eat while warm.  Traditionally eaten with *butter* and sugar (my
grandmother used to eat them with brown sugar)  But I think they would be
good with a fruit spread too.