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Re: Mexican Food

Mexican food is one of my favorites. I probably have one of these 3-4 times
a week. Having grown up in Southern Calif. here's what I think are the
differences between these foods.

Burritos - a large tortilla filled with beans, rice, cheese (ff of course)
and various other condiments (hot sauce, ff sourcream, etc.)

Quesadillas - a large tortilla grilled flat, filled with ff cheese,
possibly a smear of sauce.

Fajitas - Traditionally made with thin slices of meat. I usually make them
low fat and vegetarian with bell pepper, red onions, Anaheim (mild) peppers
and sometimes zucchini, all sliced thin lengthwise. They're quickly stir
fried (I use pan coating) rolled into a flour or corn tortilla and eaten
with salsa. I like to squeeze lime juice on them while they're cooking.

Enchiladas - I usually purchase enchilada sauce, I dip corn tortillas info
hot enchilada sauce briefly. Then lay them in the pan they'll be baked in
and fill them with ff cheese and diced onions. When the pan is full, pour
enchilada sauce over them and bake until the cheese is all melted. (I do
have a recipe for homemade enchilada sauce)

Chimichangas - are basically burritos which have been deep fried and are
crispy. A real no-no for vlf eating.

Tacos are usually corn tortillas folded and filled with beans, lettuce and
cheese and topped with hot sauce. Traditionally they're made with meat, but
they're just as good with beans.

Traditionally Mexican Food has had a lot of meat and fat in it. But it's
really easy to leave the fat and meat out and keep the taste in. I have a
book of actual authentic recipes at home, but I'm at work now. E-mail me if
you'd like any actual recipes.


Marie Finch
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> From: Karen Lim <karenlim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Mexican Food
> Date: Friday, December 19, 1997 9:04 AM
> Mexican food is not popular in Singapore... the only time you ever get it
> is in either oneof the very few Mexican restaurants (well, in fact only
> that I know of), and in restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe (where u can find
> single selection of fahjitas on the menu).
> I'm fascinated by the cuisine but know very little about it... and
> the Net hasn't helped very much.. in fact, I'm more confused than ever...
> so, will someone please explain what the following are or the differences
> between them and how they should actually be authentically...  I believe
> call them all WRAPS here... hahaa...
> Burritos / Quesadillas / Fahjitas / Enchidillas / Chimichangas / Tacos
> Thanks alot!
> Karen
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