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Hello everyone,
        Can someone help me please? I have been following MWLP for 5 
months and I have lost 63lb which is great! But over the past few weeks 
I have been struggling (work pressures etc)Now Christmas is looming fast
and I am afraid I am going to blow it.I always go to my parents for 
Christmas Lunch and they are more than happy for me to take my own meal
with me but I really have no idea of anything that will be 
"special".Here in the UK the Christmas festivities last longer than with 
you in the USA I think?I am really worried that if I give in and go back 
to my old eating habits now I will just give up as I am finding it 
really hard at the moment :0(
    Please if anyone has any recipes that they could send on to me for 
some extra special meals I would be very very very grateful!!!!!
By the way it is difficult to get the variety of veg you have in the 
States(eg squash etc)here.
Hoping someone can help me out.
A merry and peaceful Christmas to everyone on the list!