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Small metric measures

Rosemary <Rcaap@xxxxxxx> said:

: I need help with finding a way to measure *liquid* ingredients in
: fairly small amounts, preferably in milliliters [...]

and RH Cox <LowT@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:

> As an approximation, you can use 1 teaspoon per 3 millimetres of
> liquid.  It is a very course conversion, but should work for most
> purposes. 

1 teaspoon per 5 millilitres (ml) would probably be closer. But don't
forget that the size of a teaspoon can vary. I just checked, and out
of the 4 clean teaspoons in my kitchen right now, one holds exactly
the same amount of water as my 5ml measure, and the other three hold
very slightly less. [I dried the 5ml measure between experiments, and I
tried to control for surface tension as well.]

For larger measures, 1 tbsp is about 15ml (or apparently 20ml in
Australian recipes - I read this in some cookbook, not from personal
experience). Tablespoon sizes are likely to vary even more than

I'd suggest trying to get hold of some metric measuring spoons from a
friend in Britain or a catalogue company. I bought mine for 1.50
sterling (about 2 dollars 50) for 15ml, 5ml, 2.5ml and 1.25ml spoons.
[Rosemary, get in touch after the New Year if you don't know anyone
else who could do this for you and I'll have a look if the shop still
sells them].

Hope this helps.

<small><strong>Kate L Pugh</strong></small>