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applesauce, clay pots

Applesauce doesn't usually need any sugar - apples are so nice and sweet on
their own!  Before my SO became vegan I would drizzle just a little bit of
honey on apples that weren't sweet enough.  The last batch I made I tried
maple syrup.  You can also add other things in such as raspberries or
cranberries (1/2 c per 3 lbs apples) or you can try subbing different kinds
of juice for the water (again, about 1/2 c per 3 lbs apples).  I've found
that 12 lbs apples yields around 41/2 quarts applesauce.  It makes great
gifts, too!

I received a clay pot as a gift a few years ago and didn't use it for a long
time because the instructions just talked about meat.  Then I realized that
it was the perfect FF way to roast veggies.  I only have to submerge my pot
for 10 minutes, then I throw in the veggies and place in a cold oven, slowly
increasing the temp.  You need to stir the veggies occasionally (the ones at
the bottom cook more quickly) and depending on what you're cooking it'll take
an hour or so.  I have 2 smaller clay pots for bread that work well, too.