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[fat free] Re: barley and pans

Hi!  Just about any veggies go well with barley.  I have made vegetable
barley soup in two ways.

I used to make it by dicing carrots, celery, onions, a sweet potato,
zucchini, and other things too--if I had other veggies in the
refrigerator.  Fresh corn cut off the cob was good, too.   I threw in
the veggies along with about 1/2 cup barley and six cups of water.  Then
I'd add  one or two cans of crushed tomatoes.  I think it cooked for a
couple of hours.    This was a recipe that I got off a package of
barley.  The original recipe called for ham, but I left that out.  I
never made it exact so it was different every time.  I haven't made it
for a while, but it was a "standard" here for quite a long time.  <G>

My favorite barley soup right now is to simply cut up a bunch of
veggies.  I throw them all in the food processor and chop them small, as
that's the way I like them.  My mom chops by hand into big pieces,
though, and that's good too.  I am not exact with anything.  I chop up a
bunch of carrots, celery, one onion, and whatever else is around.  The
original recipe called for parsnips, turnips, and some other things.  I
sometimes add a sweet potato or even a regular potato or two.  The
veggies are supposed to saute in a little bit of olive oil for a few
minutes, but you could saute in water or in vegetable broth.  Then I had
water and barley--no exact amount.  <G>    It depends on how many
chopped veggies I ended up with.

This is probably my favorite soup right now, but, unfortunately, my
children don't like it.

For them, I separate out some of the veggies and don't add barley.  I
add lots of diced potatoes instead, for a potato soup.  Sometimes, in
fact usually, I cook and blend the veggies first--right in the
blender--for a smooth broth.  Then I add the diced potatoes and one
sliced carrot.  The kids don't like to see the onions and celery and
stuff in the soup, even though they know they're there. <G>

I hope this helps.


Barbarisi, Karen R. wrote:

> Hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.
> Two questions for you:
> I just got into eating barley and I love it.  I would like to make a
> soup with barley and would love recipes of what vegtables go well with
> barley.
> I'm also in the market to buy a new set of pans.  Does anyone have any
> favorites for cooking all our delicious vegetarian recipes?
> thanks bunches
> Karen