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Unidentified subject!

>Traditionally Mexican Food has had a lot of meat and fat in it.

Sorry, Marie, I disagree.  If you want to say that traditional "Mexican" 
restaurant food has a lot of meat and fat in it, I'll side with you.  Foods 
eaten by a great deal of Mexicans have a lot of beans, veggies, grains and 
some fish or meat, with beans, grains and veggies being the primary 
ingredients....not the like the meals you get in a Chi-Chi's (a North 
American restaurant chain) - laden with melted cheese product, etc.  Of 
course, some recipes can be high in fat and meat, but my experience has 
been that the most traditional Mexican meals are lower in meat content that 
a typical SAD diet.

The hardest part about ordering in a real Mexican restaurant is convincing 
them that lard is not acceptable in a vegetarian meal.

Karen López
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