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Cookery Books

Hello everyone,
            While doing a search on Amazon I came across the following.
If anyone can recommend or otherwise any of them I would be grateful.

1001 Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes by Sue Spitler /Linda R. Yoakam

100 Low Fat Vegetarian and Legume Recipes by Corrine T. Netzer

20 Minutes To Dinner:Quick Lowfat Low Calorie Vegetarian Meals by 
Bryanna Clark Grogan

Burgers 'N Fries 'N Cinnamon Buns:Low Fat Meatless Versions of Fast Food 
Favourites by Bobbie Hinnmer (sp)

Eat More Weigh Less: Dr Dean Ornish

What is the difference between Ornish and McDougall?
What is the new McDougall Cookbook (Quick and Easy Recipes - I think)
Well I'm certainly looking for value on this list (vbg)