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bored new veggie

Brenda, you didn't say which three meals you are so tired of so I will just
ramble a bit about some of our favorite basics.

Pasta, add steamed veggies and/or cooked beans to marina sauce.  Or just
add some red pepper flakes, yum.

Rice and beans, cook brown rice, cook beans, mix with your favorite salsa.
Eat as is or in burritos.

baked potatoes, topped with grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms (sautee in
wine, yum), stir fried veggies, canned veggie chili, etc.

home fried spuds:  use leftover baked potatoes, (plan ahead, make extra),
cube and brown in a non stick skilled with onions and seitan or veggie

rice pot
into the pot:
2 cups brown rice
2 cups fresh or frozen veggies
1 - 2 cups cooked beans
seasonings such as chili pwder, curry powder, herbs and garlic, salt and
pepper, whatever you like.
4 cups water or veggie broth, simmer for 4o minutes.  Let stand covered 10
minutes.  eat.

Soba (Japanese buckwheat) noodles and asain style veggies

Cook soba noodles according to package directions.

IN a large skillet place various veggies, for instance:
2 cups shredded cabbage
1 large onion, sliced
handful of snow peas
sliced mushrooms
green beans
fresh grated ginger
sautee all in 1/2 cup sherry or broth,
add cooked noodles along with 1/2 - 1 cup cooking water.
season with soy and red pepper flakes etc.

And, sometimes we go really basic:
mash potatoes, use soy milk or just a bit of the cooking liquid, mash in a
good dollop of horseradish for excitement.
Serve with cooked beans and some steamed veggies, maybe carrots or greens.

All the above are good leftover, I always make extra for lunches or second

Merry Christmas!

Regards,   Jan  (jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx)

EcoVillage Ithaca, looking for people to help plan, and live in,
the second neighborhood group.  Open House Nov 29.
for info:  http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/ecovillage/ or jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx