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Re: New Veggie

Brenda wrote:

> I end up eating about the same 3 things all the time and I'm 
> becoming extremely bored with this.
> Any help out there?  I know about the archives of recipes, but they seem 
> pretty overwhelming to me and most seem very labor intensive. 


I remember reading about a studyta that showed that most people, veggie
or not, eat the same 7 (or some similar small number) dishes over and
over again!

I assume that breakfast is not a problem. Here's some ideas for very
fast lunches and dinners:

5 fast lunches:
Vegetable soup (canned* or home made**) and toasted bagel
Vegetarian baked beans (canned or home made) and toast
Veggie hot dogs and potato salad (lots of recipes in the archives, or
try McDougal or Ornish cook books)
Bean burgers (Ornish) and pasta salad

5 fast dinners:
Half Hour Chili (Ornish - Eat more, weigh less) and FF crackers
Steamed rice and frozen veggies, stir fried, with veggie egg rolls 
Refried beans (home made with no fat) and FF tortillas with all the
Pasta Primavera (pasta with water-sauteed veggies) and french bread
Lasagna, using FF cheese and meat substitute (I use Yves Just Like

*When using canned food, check the label carefully
** make a large quantity for future use or for freezing

Hope this helps!  Hang in there - it gets easier. If you would like
recipes for any of the dishses, just ask!