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fasting - why

> > i am going to try fasting, does anyone have any recommendations on what
> > to do and what not to do?
> >
> What not to do:  Fast 
> What to do:  Eat
> Please don't fast!  Your body needs fuel.  All fasting will do is lower your
> metabolism and make your body do all sorts of strange, unhealthy things.  Eat,
> eat, eat!

Depends on the reason for the fasting.  If it is to lose weight, forget
it; it lowers your metabolism, and is counter-productive.  If it is for
purgative purposes, you have to do it for quite a while (at least 10 days,
I think) to see any real results.  If it is for religious purposes, then
you should discuss it with your spiritual advisor; the benefitsof that are
not necessarily physical, but it does demonstrate the ability to subdue
the "flesh."

Jim Massey               
Humanities, Polk Community College, Lakeland, FL