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After entire year of Ornish or McDougall-style eating, I decided to take a
"break" on Christmas Day.  Although I still ate only vegetarian foods, I didn't
worry about fat content or sugar content.  I can honestly say that I think I've
actually changed my eating habits for good!  In my old days of starvation diets,
I think this would have gotten me back to eating unhealthfully.  All eating this
way for one day did was make me realize how much I like eating McDougall-style!
As I was eating those fried mozzarella sticks, I truly just couldn't "get it"
anymore.  Why do people like them?  They are fatty pieces of fatty cheese!  For
the first time in my life, I think I finally realized this!  And the vegetables
and white pasta drowning in cream and oil?  Yuck.  I couldn't even taste the
vegetables!  Chocolate cake?  Not nearly as good as I'd imagined in the past
year.  Scrambled eggs with veggies sauteed in oil?  Ick.  White chocolate
truffles?  They tasted like pure sugary fat.  I missed my whole grains and
steamed veggies!

Anyway, after eating unhealthfully for one day, I'm back to McDougalling again,
and I feel MUCH better!  I felt so dirty putting all that fat in my body.  I
also had to keep looking in the mirror because I felt as if I'd gained back all
the 85 pounds I lost in 1997!

Good luck to any new McDougallers out there.  Hang in there; it can be done!
And to everyone else, thank you very much for being out there.  The Fatfree list
has really helped me to stay on the right track this past year.  I wish all of
you good health and happiness in 1998.