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FATFREE Digest Absolute Genius of Laziness reporting in

er...um....blush....blush.....  BTW, some absolute genius of laziness on
here mentioned microwaving bell>peppers for a few minutes and then putting
them in a paper bag to steam the
>skin loose.  I did it right the first time (another quick meal on ww bread
>with garlic and basil!) and was thrilled but then forgot how many minutes to
>nuke them the next two times and, well...you can guess.  Please tell me again
>how long to leave them in, lol?  Thanks a million.

That would be me..shuffling feet in pleased embarasssment.....it's a matter
of about 30 seconds to steam the skin off of one pepper.  Of course, they
won't have that roasted flavor.  But the skins will slide right off.

Gloriamarie  temporally featured at
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darkly overcast and chilly for a welcome change!!  MORE RAIN!!
"Use what talents you possess: The woods would be very silent If no birds
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