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Re: groceries

Take a look at McDougall's new book on quick recipes - it uses a lot of
simple ingredients and canned or frozen foods that will be easy to find and
store in a small space. Plus the recipes are fast and inexpensive!

Stock up on dried beans - they take only a little amount of space, last a
long time, and swell up to 3-4x their original volume when you soak and cook
them. (Plus they're about the least expensive nutritious foods you can

Tracey Boomhour wrote:

> Hi, I am new to the list and the fat free mode, I live a very rushed
> lifestyle and would like to set up my kitchen with a good supply of
> ingredients so that I don't need to run to the store every time I try a
> new recipe.  What  items do people on this diet use the most and what
> should I purchase in bulk. Also, I live in an appartment so I need items
> that can be compacted and stored in small spaces. If anyone can help me
> or refer me to a good book, I'd appreciate it?  Also, I noticed you have
> been talking about Juicers.  I have a juicer but I do not have very many
> recipes that I can use with it?
>       Thank - you all for the great recipes.
>               Tracey

Judy Kelius