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Mirkin (actually Diana Rich) cookbooks

I'd recommend the Mirkin books heartly.  By the way, the "real" author
is Diana Rich who is Mirkin's wife.  He lived for years on an eggplant
bean cassorole which managed his cholesterol and then met her and she
really got into fatfree cooking for him.  I've got both books and have
taken several of her classes here in D.C. area and found them
outstanding.  She's working on a major expansion of her whole grains
cookbook right now.

The recipes tend towards the spicy end of things with many tomato-based
stews which are served over grains.  We really like her grain-based
salads.  She does have some seafood recipes but not a lot and some of
the soup/salad ones can be modified with beans/tofu instead of seafood. 
If you want to try-before-you-buy, they do have a web site with many of
the recipes from her classes.

Take care.