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instant meals

Hi everyone, 

I unsubscribed for Christmas vacation, so if you've been discussing this 
in the last week and a half, please forgive me.  :)

I'm going to be trapped in a hotel room in West Lafayette, IN for about a 
week and a half while I do some research at Purdue.  I believe my only 
cooking implement will be my little electric kettle.  I've heard people 
on this list talk about making their own instant soup mixes with rice and 
pasta, so I'd like to try doing this so that I don't have to battle at 
restaurants every night.
Does anyone have any suggestions for doing this?  Basic guidelines?  I've 
seen dried veggies at my HFS so I think that won't be too hard.  
Quantities of spices?  A good powdered stock?  Do you have to do 
something to pasta or rice so that it can cook just in the boiling 
water?  Please help!  I'll probably live on this, bagels and fresh fruit, 
so any and all suggestions are appreciated.


Susan Lehman