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Intro, and Non-Dairy Cheese

Hello FFer's, and Happy New Year!
Although I'm not new to the list, this is my first post.

I'd like to thank everyone for the excellent information,
recipes and inspiration I've received!

As part of my New Year's Resolutions this year, I've decided
to move closer to becoming vegan by eliminating milk and
eggs from my diet (just had cereal with Better Than Milk
for breakfast).

This year I'd like to work on finding substitutes for cheese.
I've been using Kraft ff slices (they melt!), Healthy Choice
shredded, and have tried Alpine Lace.  I want to start
experimenting with soy cheese or some non dairy alternative.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Sorry if this has been discussed recently; I've rejoined the
list after about a years hiatus.  

Thanks again,

Laura "now how will I ever give up ff frozen yogurt? :)"

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