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Re: Other Lists

Hi John,

    Thanks for the great web site!  I checked it out and find it most
helpful.  As a newbie vegetarian who is also losing weight (down 100+
and still at it), the information available on this site is just what I


    Lois J

> Hi,
> Saw your post on the Fat free oard about other lists.
> What I'm sending you is not a "list" URL, but a site that has an
> interactive board where people
> can ask for recipes that fit their particular need.  It's not a chat
> board,
> in the sense that you may
> or may not get a response immediately unless there is someone there
> who has
> what you want.
> But eventually, when you return to the board, someone will have posted
> a
> response of some
> kind.  A lady name Deborah sort of oversees the board, but anyone can
> chime
> in.
> There is also a "recipe" board that links to other vegetarian and/or
> low
> fat recipes (including the
> fat free archive).
> It's worth a visit:
> http://www.vegsource.org
> John