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A new Ethiopian restaurant opened in our neighborhood and my husband and I
couldn't resist trying a new type of food. There were many items on the
menu that were vegetarian -- lentils, split pea dishes. We are definitely
going back!

In the meantime, I wondered if anyone on this list has heard of teff flour
and knows how to make the delicious flat Ethiopian bread that the main
dishes are served on. (The main dishes were all stew-like in consistency
and are eaten scooped up with a pancake-like bread -- no utensils!)

I can't remember the name of the bread, but I do remember it being made
from teff, a grain grown in Ethiopia. It was dark brown, about 1/4 of an
inch thick and full of bubble-holes. It was sweet, but not dessert-sweet,
and good all by itself. The info about the bread on the menu said that teff
was high in protein.

Anyone know any more? Thanks!

Beverly Brandt, Director of Training
Connect, Inc