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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #287

Hi Apryl --

toasted oatmeal 
(for folks who don't eat oatmeal):

1 C. oats, in a large skillet, + a LITTLE margarine or oil (maybe its
not even necessary? i've just always used a little) -- brown off the
oats a bit.  you can do this on high heat to make it quicker, but just
be diligent about stirring them around -- it won't take more than 5
min.  when some are brown around the edges, that's good.

turn down the heat to medium and add 2 C water.

let that cook (10 min?) till most of the water is gone.

add 1 T tamari, no more! and stir it in.  let it cook for a minute
longer and then its done.  
serve as is or w. honey or syrup or molasses

i do not like the typical oatmeal shlock but i am very fond of this

ususally i mix the leftovers into my soy burgers, which are basically
whatever is around vegetable wise (definately incl. onions; green pepper
is nice too) + cooked soybeans + basil, oregano, pepper, and salt + a
little flour (+ the leftover toasted oatmeal).  yum!

also, you could make oatmeal floar -- just run the dry oats through the
blender.  some recipies call for it -- it tends to make things more
"tender" -- but never use just oatmeal flour unless you want you bread
or cookie or whatever to crumble to pieces.

i also think oatmeal bread is really tasty, if anyone has a recipie for
that . . . .