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Re: Roasted Garlic

Lois R Johnston <WinterMoon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote Dec. 6th 1997
"Have any of you roasted garlic?  I'm interested in how you did it,
what kinds of garlic did you use (and really enjoy)...?"

Well, in my humble opinion, roasted garlic is great and veratile!
I've found the larger the bulb, the easier to prepare. California
white softneck garlic works fine, but there other harneck garlic varieties,
organically grown, that offer more exciting and complex flavors for the
discerning palate. Garlic can be described like wine.

Check out ROASTED GARLIC 12 WAYS, Bon Appetit

Here is a recipe that uses alot of garlic.
ROASTED GARLIC DIP served with crudites (mixed fresh vegetables,
sliced for dipping)

     6 large heads of fresh Garlic
     2 packages (8oz.) Cream Cheese, room temperature
     4 oz. Blue Cheese, room temperature
     3/4 cup Milk
     2 Tbsp fresh Parsley, chopped

Bake garlic: remove outer skin from heads leaving cloves intact. Place
each head on a large square of heavy aluminum foil. Fold up the foil so
heads are completely wrapped. Bake one hour at 350 degrees F.
Remove garlic from oven and cool until able to handle. Seperate
cloves and squeez cloves to remove garlic pulp. Discard skins. In a
food procesor, mix cheeses, milk, and the garlic until smooth. Place
 in serving dish. Sprinkle with parsley and serve with crudites.

Hope this helps. Sincerely,
Paul, proprietor of Farmers Pick Specialty Garlic and Peppers
email- paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
website- http://www.farmerspick.com

"There are many miracles in the world to celebrate, and for me, garlic
is amoung the most deserving." Professor Leo Buscaglia