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Re: Roasted Garlic

I just wrap the head of garlic in a bit of foil and roast it at about 350
for about 45 minutes or until the head is golden brown and soft. I then
separate the cloves and either peel them or squeeze them out into a bowl
and mash the garlic. 

My favorite spread involves mixing 2 heads of garlic with one 8 oz package
fat free cream cheese and 5 or 6 sun dried tomato halves (not packed in
oil) chopped. I also add some oregano with salt & pepper to taste. The
spread should be chilled for a couple of hours or overnight to let the
flavors combine. It's yummy on ff crackers or celery sticks.


Marie Finch
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> From: Lois R Johnston <WinterMoon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: COHarts <coh-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; The VegWR List
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> Subject: Roasted Garlic
> Date: Saturday, December 06, 1997 10:17 AM
>     Have any of you roasted garlic?  I'm interested in how you did it,
> what kinds of garlic did you use (and really enjoy), and how you used
> them in spreads, by themselves or in other recipes?
>     Thanks in advance,
>     Lois J