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I have been reading about people who do not like oatmeal.  I also used to
say that, when I was served the very creamy, smooth hot cereal like people
feed to babies.  The smooth variety is made by carefully stirring the
oatmeal while gradually heating.  However, I found that I like oatmeal
with a bit of texture.  My variety is to get the water boiling FIRST, stir
in the oatmeal, give it a couple of seconds to cook, remove from heat, and
eat as soon as it is cool enough.  I do this with the old fashioned kind,
although it is just as good made with the quick cooking variety.  It has a
texture and I feel like I am eating something more than baby food.  The
flavor seems to be better also.  Try it.
    Marie    Murfreesboro, TN