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Re: Enticing children to eat veges....

Hi Theresa, first of all, good luck!

Maybe "hiding" vegetables will work for you but it never did for me.
My (now) 7yo eats mostly (raw only) carrots with an occasional cucumber
slice or green bean on a good day.  And corn on the cob if it's absolutely
fresh, and I hope tomato sauce on pasta counts as a vegetable :-)

Lots of fresh fruit have food values similar or surpassing vegies though.
I feed her a lot of kiwi, berries, cantaloupe, etc.  I also try to buy
local, organic produce whenever possible, since it seems to taste better
to her and also makes me feel better since she eats so little!  We grow our 
own cherry tomatoes on the patio and she will pick and eat those.  

I make her "mango yogurt pops" (it's the only way she really likes mangos)
in tupperware popsicle molds, blending yogurt & mangos & other ripe fruit
I have lying around.
Another thing we're trying recently is to try to eat "5 different colors" of
vegies and fruits every day.  

Actually when she was 2, Alissa used to eat more vegies.  I joke that she
stopped eating vegetables when I stopped eating meat :-)

Aiko Pinkoski