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Re: soy flour

Michelle penned:
>Does anyone use soy flour?  Can it be used just like regular flour?

Hi Michelle;
        I use soy flour fairly regularly in baking.  My HFS carries both the
full fat and defatted varieties - of which I choose the latter.  Here's how
my cookbook prefaces the use of soy flour:

        "Soy flour, like soybeans, is 20% fat and 34% protein.  It retains
most of the original nutrients, notably the B-complex vitamins, vitamin E,
phosphorous, calcium and iron.  It's made from ray soybeans that have been
dehulled, cracked, and finely ground.  Soy flour contributes to a tender,
moist and nicely browned finish in baked goods, but it has an assertive
flavour, so always use it in moderation.  It can successfully replace up to
25% of all-purpose flour in baked goods.  Even when used in small amounts,
soy flour increases the usability of the proteins in accompanying grain
flours, which is why it is considered a nutritional booster."
        ~The American Vegetarian Cookbook

Hope this helps,