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gas troubles (what a topic!)

At 11:29 AM 7/19/97 -0700, Serena Starkey wrote:
>Ever since I became a vegan (I think that is when it all started) I have
>had terrible gas almost every day.  Maybe this comes from the beans, but it
>seems to happen even when I am not eating beans.  Anyway, I wouldn't want
>to stop eating beans because I do not eat dairy and it is where I get most
>of my protein.  I am wondering if others have this problem and what they do
>to get rid of it.  I have tried some over the counter anti-gas medicine but
>it doesn't seem to help much.

I'll tell a stranger one and admit that I'm only 99.9% vegan...the other
day I broke down and had a (forgive me for mentioning it) cheeseburger. (I
weaken and have a burger maybe once every 3 months.)  Well, I guess my body
has finally really adjusted to being 99.9% vegan, because that cheeseburger
resulted in _horrible_ gas pains. (After this experience I may not find
myself craving that burger; nothing like a negative experience.)  On the
other hand, I can now eat my weight in beans, green vegetables, cabbage,
broccoli, etc...and never have a problem.  Maybe it's just a matter of
giving your body more time to adjust?  What does anyone else think?
Nancy Allen