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Re: Stevia & stuff

Hi, all,

I recently bought some stevia powder and noted that there were no
instructions either for substituting it for sugar or counting calories.
 Anyone knowledgeable on this?  (Also, does anyone else think it tastes like

Second, many thanks to all who've been raving about the Dixie Diners Club.
 My children run away screaming at the sight of most healthy food and I can't
wait to see their reaction to the Fib Ribs (read Slim Jims) and Peanut Better
(actually, at 14cff I'm looking forward to trying that, myself!).  I've been
weaning them off of their favorite ground beef to Boca Burgers and those
Harvest crumble things with good success, so Beef (Not!) here we come!  

Also, my sympathy for the 'odiferous' troubles.  Have you tried Beano?  It's
an easy-to-miss-on-the-shelf enzymatic product that seems to be both vegan
and helpful (as long as you remember to take it with your very first mouthful
of the meal).  I find the chewables to be more effective than the drops.  It
isn't a 100% solution, but few things are.  Let me know.