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Vegan 'bacon'

Hi, again,

I eliminated the oil from a vegan 'bacon' recipe and my younger son actually
brought it to school for lunch in a sandwich.  :)  Now, if I could just find
fat FREE tofu, we'd be in business.

"Bacon"  (adapted from a recipe posted to Veggies Unite)

1 pkg. LF tofu
2T low sodium shoyu, tamari, aminoes, etc.
1t liquid smoke
2T nutritional yeast

Mix the shoyu and liquid smoke and set aside.  Slice the tofu lengthwise very
thinly, and then in half again lengthwise to make a poor approximation of the
shape of bacon <g>.  Fry in a non-stick pan on medium-high until it's as
close to 'crispy' as you have patience to make it (I gave up after 30 mins).
 Take pan off the heat and add smoky shoyu mixture.  Stir thoroughly and
place back on the heat.  Sprinkle yeast over and continue to stir until the
liquid cooks away and you have a sticky mess.  It looks icky but it really
tastes a lot like bacon - put a BLT sandwich back on the menu!