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Cheese sauce

Kristin request a cheese sauce. She is unable to eat fondue
now, due to her new dietary leanings. Dixie Diners has a 
new catalog that has a "cheese "sauce on page 12.

It does NOT have any cheese in it. It is made from
nutritional yeast flakes, spices, egg not and tomato
powder. It contains (per quarter cup serving) 59 cal
1.3 g fat and 59 gms sodium. 

I have ordered it but not yet tasted it. It comes in
regular and zesty (for nachos or spicy dishes).

The new catalog is remarkable. Although I have
no connection with Dixie Diner's club, I strongly
recommend it.

One of our frequent posters, Dr. Neal Pinkney has
a book available in it. Dr. Pinkney is very highly
informed about nutrition and food matters. I know
he would not advertise his own book on this discussion
group, but since I have no connection with him, I 
feel free to do it...

I hope this is permitted.

Mike Rosenblatt