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SAD Friends and eating out

Linda from NYC complained that she is having a hard time
going vegan, because so little is available at her friend's
homes...and almost nothing when going out to eat...and that's
in New York City!

Most of us on this newsgroup would agree. Many of us
now bring our own food in a small refrigerated cooler
to our friend's homes and even to restaurants. For us
the social aspect of eating out is all that is left.

I am fairly discreet about it. I put the little cooler
down on the floor at restuarants at my feet. I take
things out of them to eat with steamed rice that I
can always get at Chinese restuarants. 

At most restaurants eating out is just impossible--even
if you eat eggs (or whites). Once at a restuarant at
Disney World, I ordered a meal. The server told me that
the cook told her to "never have me come back again," because
they wouldn't serve me!

Most restaurants hate people like us. We argue with the
staff, send food back and often embarrass our friends.

So, much planning is necessary, and most of the time
you should just bring your own food and try not to 
make a "big deal" out of the fact that nothing is
available for you to eat.

Good luck, and leave the obesity and cardiac disease
to the rest of them.

Mike Rosenblatt