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Homemade Mixes

I  want to thank Gloriamarie and encourage her to post any other homemade 
mixes she uses regularly.  Unfortunately, both of the books she mentioned 
are currently out-of-print.   I've been using Lorna Sass'  recipe for chili 
powder for years (Recipes from an Ecological Kitchen) and wouldn't go back 
to the brandname varieties.   Mix recipes I would really love to see:

Taco Seasoning - you know, that bright paprika salty stuff that isn't at 
all like chili powder.  My husband loves it, and while I found a no-MSG 
brand, it still has a long and rather mysterious ingredient list.  Who 
knows what lurks there.

Soup "stock" mixes - a variety.   I mean a dried mix of herbs and veggies, 
preferably aimed at different types of soup.   Something instant for rush 
jobs and travel that can be added to veggies and/or canned beans and water. 
 (I'm looking for dried, not frozen)

Flavoring mixes for seasoning rice or other grains.

If everyone who has one of these treasures posts it, I'll keep track of 
them and compile them at the end.   Anne Cox