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I don't know if this will work with chipotles, but check out a cookbook by
Graham Kerr called either "Minimax" or "Smart Cooking".  They are lf but not
necessarily vegetarian recipes.  I know in one of them he smokes chicken in the
kitchen without a smoker cos I tried it once (set the smoke alarm off - but
that was my fault!).  From memory it involved a saucepan, tinfoil, earl gray
tealeaves and brown sugar but I can't remember what was in the tin foil,
obviously not the tea leaves AND the chicken...  I only have one of the books I
mentioned but have read the other so I will check if it is in the one I have.

Good Luck


PS  I am going to be in London for a couple of days (unexpectedly) in a couple
of weeks.  any must-go eating places (places to visit too if you want to mail
straight to me)?