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Stevia Information

RubyTues asked about Stevia. I recently read about using Stevia as a 
natural sweetener on the "Ask Dr. Weil" page. The URL is: 

To locate the article, select "Archive" under "Q &A," then scroll down to 
May 22 to find the article. It links to several other information 
sources. Here is an excerpt of the article - there is more information on 
the page:

"Stevia comes from a shrub native to Paraguay, Stevia rebaudiana. It also 
grows in Brazil and Argentina, and is now widely  cultivated in China. 
The leaves have  been used for centuries by native peoples to make sweet 
teas, or to sweeten other foods, with no evidence of adverse reactions. 
In Japan, Brazil, and other countries, people use the extracted sweet 
principle, called stevioside, as a table sweetener. It tastes faintly of 
licorice and is many, many times sweeter than sucrose. Stevia has minimal 
calories and is reputed to have beneficial effects on fat absorption and  
blood pressure. "

I think Stevia sounds like something worth trying, and certainly a better 
alternative to aspartamine or saccharine. I haven't tried it yet, but 
plan to check it out.

Julie in San Jose