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freezing food

Someone asked yesterday about freezing foods.  I like to use the 
Tupperware freezer mates.  They come in a variety of sizes and they are 
flexible so you can pop the frozen foods out without thawing. (I do this 
a lot with soups and sauces that I forget to take out to defrost in 
advance.They can be put directly into a pot on low heat where they 
defrost and reheat at the same time.)  I have had no problem with freezer 
burn with these things either.

They have new freezer containers now that can also be microwaved in--so 
no extra dirty pans. They look really great, but they come in only one 
color and I think it is absolutely hideous, so I haven't purchased any.  
For now I will stick with the freezer mates (they still sell both), but 
if anyone has tried them I would love to hear what you thought (I'm still 
hopeing for a reasonable color someday!).

[standard disclaimer:  I just love the stuff, I don't sell it]