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More Denver Eateries

Good places to find "healthy" foods in Denver?

Try The Harvest (on south Colorado Blvd., across from Applebee's)... LOTS of
really GOOD, CLEAN things to eat!  They'll have entrees that will appeal to
everyone... and if you shop at Safeway, you might get a coupon on the back of
your receipt for a 1/2 price meal with purchase of another.  (Leave it to a
grad student to look for the bargains!)  This is a sit down, serve you
restaurant where they bake their own breads, muffins (HUGE!), etc.  Moderate
price range (anything from less than $10 to maybe around $13 or so, as I

If you're looking for a quick place to eat, try El Chipotle's (Mexican).  There
are several around the Denver area, but the BEST ones are on Evans, east of
Broadway, and the one near the Natural History Museum.  The veggie burrito is
HUMONGOUS...filled with black beans, rice with cilantro, and your choice of
add-ins like lettuce, tomato, 3 salsas with varying levels of "heat" (I like
the medium--mixed with corn and chunks of tomato)...sour cream and cheese is
available on request.  At this place, you stand in line to place your order--
2 to 3 people (depending on what you order) prepare your food while the last
person asks what you want to drink and takes your money... Quite often, the
line to eat here is out the door, but the service is so quick you'll probably
have your meal in about 5 minutes total!  If you're with someone, have them
hold a table while you put in the order!  :)

If you're in LoDo (lower downtown), I'm sure you'll come across many places
with good food... Pick up a copy of the local free newspaper (I can't remember
what it's called) and you'll find all kinds of ads for places, too.

Gosh... I guess I didn't miss these places so much up here in Laramie, Wyoming! 
But, there sure is less traffic and fewer people up here!

Have fun in Denver, though!  

catherine "cat' skinner