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sweet eggplant...

Lynn asked:

>Hi All:  Has anyone ever prepared eggplant so that it takes sweet?
>My husband insists someone he once knew made eggplant that was breaded and
>either dipped in honey or sugar.  I insist he is talking about plantens
>and that he heard the person say eggplant.

Yes, he is correct, and it is a Vietnamise (sp?) recipe.   I have been
served several vegetables as an orderve, which where breaded and then
dipped in a sweet honey sauce.   Among the vegies were: eggplant, potato,
mushroom, broccoli, and I believe bell pepper.  BTW, The honey sauce had a
bit of crushed red pepper in it for zing.

This is quite delicious but I suspect very high in fat (they are fried).
However, if somone out there has a recipe I would sure love to recieve it
by private email!    :)

Hope this helps you,

\*/\*/\*/ Lynda \*/ Pixilated@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \*/ So. Calif.\*/\*/ _@v
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