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summer suggestions ....

  I just wanted to send you a couple of little summer tidbits.  Our farmers
  market has the most glorious corn these days and I have been living off
  of it, practically.  Other than roasted over hot coals until it get dark
  and caramelized my favorite way to eat it is lightly boiled (or nuked)
  and spread with white miso( which according to the label has 0g fat).
  For those of you who aren't familiar with white miso it has a wonderful
  "cheesy" salty flavor and is good in sandwiches and sauces.

  The other day my husband came back from Costco with a large jar of fire
  roasted red peppers, packed in water, totally fatfree and very yummy.  I
  made a salad last night of tomatoes (from the garden), boiled baby
  potatoes (from the garden, excuse me, now I'm bragging!), arugula and the
  roasted red peppers.  I dressed it with a basalmic vinegar and orange
  juice vinaigrette (with tons of garlic) and it was superb.  If you can't
  get arugula (a very spicy green) you could substitute spinach or any
  other hardy salad greens.  I sometimes add string beans to a salad like

  To the person who is trying to go vegan (sorry I forgot your name!).  For
  me the thing that has made the biggest difference is patience (with other
  peoples lack of understanding) and tolerance.  As far as family
  gatherings, I always bring a dish so that I know I have at least one
  thing to eat and if I can't I eat first.  (I was at a wedding last week
  and there was literally nothing I could eat.  They even had a vegetarian
  buffet ...  which was all very high fat and covered in cheese!).  I have
  had everything from humorous to humiliating experiences over this issue,
  but always it's been worth it!  Good luck!