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Walt Disney World

I was catching up on back digests and came across Mike Rosenblatt's
unfortuante experience at a restaurant in Walt Disney World.  Mike, while I
am sorry that you had a bad experience, I can tell you that my husband and I
have never run into the same problem at any restaurant in the parks or
hotels.  We just went to WDW this past Spring and stayed a week -- eating
breakfast, lunch & dinner in a variety of restaurants and had no problems
with any of our meals.  I have found that the trick is to plan ahead, make
reservations whenever possible and make your dietary restrictions known when
you make the reservations.  We had fabulous vegan meals around the park at
several lovely restaurants -- including the restaurant at the top of the
Contemporary resort and Artist's Point at the Wilderness Lodge (which
features wild game meats and the best vegetarian menu in the parks -- go
figure).  Please don't let one sour apple spoil your Disney experiences -- we
go every few years and have never had any problems.  When we've run into a
misunderstanding with the food on the plate, the staff has slways been
extremely helpful in rectifying the situation.  (The only place we've ever
had a problem making our dietary needs understood has been at the French
pavilion in EPCOT -- but the French have their own ideas about cuisine, and
my French was very rusty in trying to explain our dietary restrictions to our
newly-hired waiter).  Mike, I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I
couldn't disagree with you more regarding Disney World.

I would be happy to direct any folks on the list to great restaurants in Walt
Disney World, should anyone have vacation questions in the future.  We've
been planning these vacations for several years (since our honeymoon there),
and I know the parks and the cuisine fairly well now.

-- Christy Hardin Smith, from Wild, Wonderful West Virginia