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Dumb idea #153,865 - Smoked Onions

I was making chipotle sauce the other day and did not have eonugh peppers
to fill up the smoker.  A lot of onions were sitting in a bowl givig
me a strange look.  So I decided what the heck.  Cut up a bunch
of onions (in wedges  - 1/4 onion for the little guys and 1/6 to
1/8 for the larger ones) Popped them in the smoker with the peppers.
Used two pans of Hickory chips for the smoking.

The results did not look fantastic and the onions did not seem to
show much promise when they came out until I cooked with them.  
They are great.  In beans and pea soup they make it taste like it
was cooked with a very good h*m hock.  My kids could not believe I
did not have one in the pea soup... and they are m**t eaters.

I now have a new staple in my kitchen.. Frozen chopped smoked onions.

Smoking Granny's Pea Soup
Barb Beck

2 Cups Split Peas
9 Cups water
1 large onion smoked and chopped
Optional( peas and carrots)

Put the peas, water and onion in crock pot.  Cook until mushy.
If you are in a hurry when things very soft puree with hand blender.
If you like things floating in soup add some fresh or frozen peas 
and or carrots chopped.


I have only been fooling with these things a couple days but they are
really great.  Used them in

1. Denver Omlet (Egg replacement of your choice, chopped bell pepper,
chopped smoked onion, salt, pepper and a little fatfree cheese)

2. Potato casserole.  New potatoes layered with fatfree cottage cheese
and chopped smoked onions salt and pepper.  Nuked in microwave 
(too warm for oven) until potatoes done.Serve with fatfree 
sour cream

3.  Green beans cooked southern style with potatoes and smoked onions.
(Cook green beans, potatoes, and onions until the potatoes are done)

4. Baked potatoes on BBQ with smoked onions.  Slit potato.  Stuff a
hunk of smoked onion in slit.  Wrap in foil and cook on BBQ.

5.  Pot of pinto beans with smoked onions.

Barb Beck
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada