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Orange blossom water and Rose water

I always enjoy the recipes that Sylvia G. LeReverend posts
and especially the last round of breakfast

My question concerns the use of orange blossom water and
rose water.  The fruit salad she offered
contained 1/4 teaspoon of each of these.  I have seen them
required in a recipe, but never for sale
anywhere and wonder if they are essences or what. They
sound so delicate it is hard to imagine
1/4 t. making much difference.  Any more info on them?

I would also like to say I have received a first order from
Dixie Diner's and almost didn't buy Nutlettes
because of a negative comment about them on this list.  I
ate them over a half cup of FF vanilla 
yogurt and they are delicious this way.  Can't see pouring
milk over them, but they *are* great with
yogurt.  Also would recommend the Beef Not! chunks,
reconstituted a cup as the label directs and
put them into a spaghetti sauce.  I think a key is to let
them sit and/or low simmer a half an hour or
more. I feel they would fool the most dedicated b**f eater!

I am very appreciative of this list and all I am learning
from it.

Jo in Minnesota