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Hypoglycemia & LF diet

One thing is to be sure that you've been diagnosed correctly.  Your
condition doesn't sound all that much like mine, also supposedly

If sugar and starch make you sick and you don't want to eat fat, then
your only choice is to eat lots of protein.  (There are some bad
things about a high-protein diet, but it sounds like you have more
important stuff to worry about.)  Find something that's high in
protein, that you like, and that doesn't require preparation or that
you can prepare in advance.  Have it for breakfast.  Hummus (without
tahini) might be a possibility.  If possible, find something high in
protein that doesn't spoil and carry it around with you.  Then when
you've eaten the wrong thing, or not at all, you can recover without
having to go to the store.

Finally, take your condition seriously.  Don't just live with being
sick all the time.  Figure out how to arrange your life so you can be