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crockpot question

Hi Everyone -

In the last couple of weeks someone (don't remember who) sent in a crockpot
recipe with beans and veggies and it sounded really good. I have a crockpot
that I've never used and I have no book or directions with it, since it was
passed on to me by a friend who didn't use it either. So I didn't really know
how to use it, but soaked the beans first over night - I used kidney, black
beans and garbanzos. And I put no salt in. Then the next morning I put it on
low and it cooked for 12 hours and when I came home, the garbanzos weren't
done. So I cooked it overnight, another 12 hours and they still weren't done!
Finally we cooked them on high for another 4-5 hours and finally they're done,
but just barely. Do I need to cook them on high from the beginning or do you
think it's just that garbanzos take so long to cook through? I have noticed
before, when cooking them on top of the stove, that they take a really long
time to cook. Does anyone have any directions for the crockpot that they can
send me, either attached to recipes or separately? I tried my local library
but no luck. I'm thinking I'd really like to use it since I hate cooking after
getting home from work thanks for any help

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz