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Blood Sugar and Low Fat Diet

Karen Lim writes:

<I didn't dare to eat breakfast at all today, coz I had an important
<tutorial... so I didn't get to eat until 1pm, and by the time I ate
<lunch... which was a sandwich, I was weak in the knees for the next few

<Must I really go back to a low carb, high fat, loads of m**t diet?? sigh...

Karen.  Do not give up on low fat eating. It is too important to you.  The
problem arises from the type of carbohydrates you are eating.  If you
are eating ones which give your blood sugar a big kick in the morning
(and you body reacts with a big kick of insulin) your sugar can go too LOW.

The problem is not that you are eating carbs instead of calories in other
ways but in the rate at which these carbs are turned into blood sugar.
It is NOT the sugar (table sugar) in your diet which can be the worst
offender.  Bread, rice cakes, SOME baked potatoes ect  can raise 
blood sugar far faster than pure table sugar.  You want something
that releases the sugar into the bloodstream slower.

Check out http://www.crusio.com/~mendosa/gi.html  That web page is
aimed at diabetics but YOU can use the info too.  There is an 
list of foods and their GI values.

For now, try substituting barley for rice.  For breakfast avoid most 
cereals, Allbran being one exception.  Try barley cooked with apples
instead.  Milk products are in general low.  Yogurt and fresh fruit
(with the exception of pineapple and bananas) is also great.

Eat a small breakfast and a snack between each meal.  This will also 
help keep you level.  Again go for low gi snacks like fresh fruit.

I had had trouble with low fat eating because eating carbs which raise
my blood sugar fast make me REALLY hungry.  Eating pancakes for breakfast
means I am in hog out mode the rest of the day.  I can now control my
appetite (most of the time) and eat low fat.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.  Stick with the low fat eating it
is worth it in the long run.

Barb Beck
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada