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Processed Foods and Misc.

Jess said:
> When we chew our unprocessed foods, we don't grind each particle into fine
> powder (the way a flour mill does) before we swallow.
This makes sense.  So, is it OK to eat whole grain cereal (flaked
oatmeal, for example) on the Maximum Weight Loss Plan?

> Even worse, white flours (and I suspect some wholemeals) get filtered to
> remove large particles and bran.  So you're just not getting the same food!
I avoid all white flours because I know all of Mother Nature's goodness
has been processed out.  I buy stone-ground whole wheat flour for when I
DO make bread; the kind I buy still has little pieces of bran in it!

Mike R, thanks for the suggestions on business lunches.  Although I
don't go on any, I will be going to an extended family reunion next
weekend, and I needed suggestions on how to deal with people.  I have
McDougall soup cups, hot cereal cups, and Kashi all ready to take with

Sheri, eating squash, squash, and more squash