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healthy breakfast

I wonder if anyone else will like this:

canned pumpkin
orange juice

Dump some canned pumpkin, preferably chilled, into a bowl.
Shake some cinnamon on top, and pour some orange juice in.
Stir and eat for breakfast.

I had the intention of heating this, but it was really good
chilled.  It is of course extremely easy.  I love pumpkin right
out of the can, so my tastes are a little weird.  To make this
a little more palatable for most people, you could

- add brown sugar
- add maple syrup

Or make it into a whole grain cereal, where you start with your
grains, whatever you're favorites are (e.g., just oats), add a
combination of pumpkin and OJ for a liquid, add cinnamon and
perhaps other spices, and heat.

Pumpkin is great stuff.  In addition to good vitamins, it has
lots of fiber, is of course fat free, and very low in calories.